Spirit Willow

Once upon a long time ago, I fell into a spell of disbelief and forgot that magick was real. I lost my sense of intuition and began trusting the opinions of others over the truth I knew was possible in my heart.

It felt like parts of myself began to disappear, parts of my creative nature and uniqueness began to slowly fade away as my vision was overshadowed by society’s conditioning of what the acceptable norm is. I placed my compass outside of myself and gave my power away. 

When I began expressing my true feelings through my creative nature, I realized Art was so much more than just a pretty picture on the wall, Art was medicine feeding my soul and reminding me of the magick of who I truly am.  

Ever since I was a young girl I remember feeling that there was a secret language that no one around me seemed to pay much attention to. I could sense communication happening all around me. There was a language in the symbolic information encoded within all things, within energy itself, within the elements, plants, animals, rocks, colors, shapes and patterns, everything felt alive, everything was in a state of play and communication with each other. It was a very magickal language of living Art encoded with symbology. 

When relating to others, sometimes I would feel like I was in an alien land where things didn’t quite make sense, it became hard for me to fully relate to how others saw the world. The communication around me seemed flat and very linear which only reached the surface level of the depth possible to be explored in this magickal language of Art that was all around us.

This language of Art felt like my true native tongue, the language of my soul and in some ways, it felt more natural to me than English. 

As a child in elementary school I was called up to the front of the classroom to read a poem to the entire class, my palms got sweaty and a panic came over me. As I struggled to read the words, I heard the children begin to laugh at me, I ran out of the room with tears falling down my cheeks. 

I felt like something was wrong with me, I felt ashamed of myself and this was the moment where the hiding began. 

As a child, I was labeled Dyslexic and was told that I was disabled. I became this label and began doubting my intuition and my true knowing. I unconsciously took on this limiting story about myself which altered the way I expressed myself. 

I did not feel safe to share myself fully with the world because I felt that there were parts of me that I was ashamed of and wanted to keep secret and hidden from the world. This label of being dyslexic influenced my choices in life as I became more and more self-conscious about my abilities. I assumed that I was just stupid and handicapped, this really damaged my self-esteem and the trust within my self worth.  

The one place that doubt never penetrated was when I was in my creative flow, Art held space for all parts of me. Art gave me a way to freely express myself and even in the mistakes I found the beauty. This led me to dive deeper into my creative expression. 

When I tapped into my creative channel I could feel the magickal language of Art speaking through all that was around me, and I remembered who I truly was beyond people’s perceptions and opinions about me.

My interest in Art amplified as I immersed myself in the many layers and forms of creative expression which led me to study at one of the top Art colleges in New York City where I received my bachelor’s degree in fine Art at the School Of Visual Art, were I studied in the genres of multimedia, painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance Art. 

One day in Art class we were critiquing our classmates’ work, I was so inspired and I began sharing the connections I saw in the rich symbolic layers within each piece of Art. my colleagues were very impressed with me and gave me compliments after class. I realized that I had a gift in seeing the knowledge within the language of Art. 

I remember having an inner revelation that day: 

“Wait a moment! I don’t believe these limiting labels of ‘learning disabled’ or ‘stupid’, I’m realizing that my intelligence simply expresses itself in a different way.”

I started to listen to Art and what it was teaching me, Art showed me how to truly know myself, heal and see more parts of who I truly am. 

As I continued to study the ancient intelligence of Art, I began to feel the sacredness within the act of creation itself. I stepped into the creator consciousness of my fairytale and took the paintbrush to myself. The lines between Art and life began to merge and I became a conscious creator of my reality. 

Art taught me that the power of our imagination is a sacred tool and must be used wisely. I began to understand the meaning of true magick, which is the ability to shift our perception at our own will and choose to create consciously. This is where my fairytale really stepped up a notch and things got a lot more exciting in my life!  

I realized that I was the Art of my reality and I had the choice to live the dream of my creation. When I took full responsibility for the power of my imagination, I began to trust myself again, trust my intuition, and trust the connection to the creative source energy within me. 

I am a guardian, here to protect and honor the ancient technology of our sacred imagination. For we are an intrinsic aspect of the masterpiece of creation, and our consciousness is the most potent medium to master the piece of our mind. I am a  Sacred Art Alchemist, transformational shamanic Art guide, energy medicine practitioner, professional sound healer, Spirit language activation vocalist, and intuitive medium ceremonialist. I have dedicated my life’s work to awaken the remembrance of our true magick by tapping into our intuitive divine channel within our creative nature.

My mission is to awaken the storytellers, mystics, sacred artists, healers, & alchemists of humanity, to assist in piercing through the veil of deception, and separation between Art and life itself by taking full responsibility as conscious creators of our reality. I am a Sacred Art Spirit Guide, and I am passionate about supporting individuals that are ready to fully explore, grow and expand their creative nature to reclaim the unique sacred intuitive channel within their personal connection to the language of their soul through Art. 

I guide individuals and groups through transformational souls-cape journeys of deep self-discovery, personal enrichment, and divine attunement via the alchemical methodology of spiritual Art empowerment. Working holistically with the energetic subtleties within the element of transcendental embodied ritual Art, within the full spectrum of our multidimensional sensory expression through the connection to nature, plant medicine, shamanic expressive Art therapy, intuitive movement, and somatic soul language activation to awaken one’s higher self and full creative embodied expression.

In my life I hit a major crossroads where I was asked to look at myself honestly, and let go of all the ways I was hiding from my own brilliant light and let go of everything that I thought at the time was keeping me safe. It became necessary to fully trust in the surrender, trust in the cycle of transformation and trust in all parts of myself. 

I let go of all that I thought I was, to see who I truly am. I am Art, I am the Artist, I am a medium of source creation and I am the creator of my reality. This truth set me on a quest to uncover and reclaim the ancient intelligence of our creative mind, I dared to step into the sacred alchemical world of ‘conscious casting’, which means intentionally utilizing our words and actions as positive ‘spells’ that bring about upliftment to our lives and the lives of all those we touch. 

This work is about honoring the divine union between Spirit and matter and diving deeply into the sacred play of our creative nature by becoming one with the ceremony of our life. As each day is the ritual, each thought, word, and action is a sacred prayer of our divine intention that is creating the story of our living fairytale.

I am here to work with people that are ready to look at themselves honestly, see their thoughts and behavioral patterns, and take full creative authority to rewrite the story of their life and master the alignment of their personal alchemy to ignite their sacred creative expression and full divine channel. 

This is now the time to step fully into this inner revolution to wake the mystics, architects, sacred artists and reconnect to the power of our divine imagination as we learn and remember the true magick of the Art that we are, as we fully step into our sacred gifts that we are meant to share with the world.

If you are ready to awaken the remembrance of the power of your true magick through your inherent sacred intuitive channel within your creative expression, and become the conscious creator of your life– Let’s dive in deep together and play in the mystical nature of your sacred creativity so that you can become the living expression of your Art. 

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