Divine Avatar EMbodiment

Sacred Art Regalia 

DIviNaTIOn Tools

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Are you ready to step your fairytale up
a notch?

Welcome to the Golden Age of Mastery! This is the great awakening as we pierce through the veil of illusion and separation between Art and life itself. We are now at a massive turning point in our history where we are radically reclaiming the power of our mystical nature as we wake the storytellers, mystics, sacred artists, healers, & alchemists of humanity. This is the remembrance of our true nature and divine birthright as conscious creators. As we walk this earth with conscious intention, we walk with purpose and mastery of our sacred spell weaving to ignite the visions of the new world that we know is possible to dream into creation to fully embody this incredible celebration of life. Thank you life!

As we walk this courageous path of our healing journey we unveil the layers of our higher selves to expand our perception in the way we relate to our own energy, our relationships, and the world around us. Within this transformative work, we do have guides that are assisting us along our path, which may come in many forms, like tangible sacred medicine tools that help us clear, cleanse, activate, align and navigate within the energetic realms. 

Within this physical dimension, we have a strong bond to the realm of form, the objects around us hold deep emotional significance that carry symbolic information. The expression of form is by nature meant to be a playful act of connection and co-creation with this Divine intelligence. By tapping into the alchemy of conscious creation within the energetic frequency of matter, we consummate the union between Mother Form and Father Consciousness. 

This work is about calling in your full embodied medicine to honor this divine union between spirit and matter. As we awaken within the dream and step deeper into the sacred play of our creative nature, we dance with the inner muses and unite with the divine storytelling of our sacred archetypes to integrate the full spectrum of our divine embodied avatar presence.

Welcome to Sacred Art Alchemy, where the medium of Art is life itself and you are a masterpiece of divine co-creation!  

Here, you will be taken on a personalized sacred Art Alchemy journey of deep self-discovery, transformation, and conscious creation to enhance your creative expression through embodied sacred intention.  Together, we will discover and birth into form your personalized Divine Avatar Activation Sacred Art Divination Tool, this is a magical item for your spiritual tool kit.  The purpose of this journey is to access your unique frequency of high magick by materializing a physical tool that anchors the full embodied presence of your sacred Divine Avatar Archetype into embodied form as you boldly claim and activate your highest creative self-expression into manifested action.

Know that you are embarking on a deep, spiritual journey into the depths of yourself.   This process begins with intention.   The intention to play and to truly know yourself.  

This Sacred Art journey is a rite of passage as we uncover and co-create your personalized unique custom made medicine activation tool to call forth the initiation of the highest truth of your soul’s purpose into the active participation of your divine fairytale into creation. Every mystic needs their sacred tools, when you have your hand on your drum you begin to play the music of your soul. And as we deeply listen to this sacred language of Art, we become the master architects of our own reality. 

Sacred Art Alchemy is a process that works with the method of spiritual Art empowerment and sacred symbolic mapping which unveils and materializes your Sacred Art Activation Medicine Tools. As you proceed through this journey, your thoughts, feelings, archetypes, spirit animals, spirit guides, mediumship mentors, archangels, colors, patterns, materials, and specific sacred symbols of your subconscious visionary state will be infused into the physical manifestation of your Sacred Ceremonial Art Alchemy Medicine Tool which aligns you with the codes of your higher self and Divine Avatar embodiment.  Each Sacred Art Piece is a personalized Art divination tool, that amplifies, protects, clears and attunes the vibrational field of your energy through conscious casting. 

This is basically Sacred Art which-crafting to materialize the unique frequency of your high Magick and most mystical and radiant self expression into embodied presence within the ceremony of your living dream!

Your Sacred Art Divination Tool may range from sacred soul styled wearable items protection pieces, arm, waist and chest bands, bracelets, necklaces, ceremonial Art Alchemy medicine clothing, intentional SpiritLock Activations semi to full Metamorphosis, ceremonial headpieces, magick wands & staffs, smudging fans, crystal grid-work healing tools, kuripè, Tepi for hapè use and interactive installations.  Know that the journey to bring forth your Sacred Art Divination Medicine Tool is limitless in its expression and during this process, a deepening of your intuitive connection to your highest self will arise, unleashing your true wild nature and fearless spirit.  

Life is the ceremony of Art, you are the medium of life channeling the masterpiece of the living prayer of your creation. This is the mastery level of conscious creation, as you take the chisel to yourself and you begin to sculpt new forms of your reality.


If your heart is whispering ‘YES’ or jumping up and down with excitement as you read these words…

I invite you to courageously step into the canvas of your life and create the reflection of your intentions as you divine the path of your Magickal self-expression by integrating and honoring the highest embodied presence of your mystical nature as the living dream of your creation! 

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