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Awaken to the sacred channel of your creative nature and unleash the magnetic flow of your divine expression! 

Have you ever felt like magick is real? But over the years you have noticed how the influence of other people’s perceptions of reality has begun to limit the truth you know in your heart is possible?  Do you remember perhaps as a child how you played full heartedly with no inhibitions freely connected to your creative mind as the magical flow of awe and wonder innocently guided you? 

When you surrender into your creative channel a deep alignment happens within your soul. 

Your creativity is medicine for your spirit. 

And when you allow the opening of your creative channel to flow, this is an act of remembrance of the divine intelligence of your true nature, your magick. This reconnection into your creative mind links you directly to universal consciousness and intuitive states of flow where you can easily notice the subtle way that the universe speaks to you, giving you clues and signs through magickal synchronicities on the path of your life

In this fast paced modern world it is much too often that we deny ourselves the self care of connection to our creativity, which essentially brings life force energy and inspiration back into all aspects of our life.

Art is a powerful vehicle for true raw expression, a way to understand ourselves, in this physical and invisible spiritual world that is of and around us. Art shows us a string of clear awareness, a channel for the conscious and subconscious to meet and see it’s own true reflections. 

Your creative channel is your personal guide into deeper states of connection to the wisdom of your spirit.The language of your soul speaks through the sacred intelligence of Art. As you learn to listen and respond to this guidance, you begin to open and align yourself to this divine universal consciousness and the power of your creative intuitive flow.

Life is the canvas of your Art. And you are the medium of life channeling the masterpiece of the living prayer of your creation. Follow your Art as you direct the channel of your creation and master the Art of your intention.

Your birthright as creator is this very gift of creativity! 

This work is about honoring the Sacred nature of your personal creative channel. Where Art Meets Spirit and the power of your creativity meets the language of your soul, and the intention of your focused attention meets the ritual within the ceremony of your life. 

Our creativity and imagination must be used with focused intention. To learn you must empty yourself completely, entering the white canvas, the silent watcher, releasing all preconceived ideas of what you think Magick truly is.. To become a mystic you will have to learn to see past these illusions. This is an inner re-evaluation to wake the mystics and reconnect to the power and sacredness of your imagination as you learn and remember the true magick of the Art that you are. 

We are always tapped into this infinite source of magickal power, we are using it at all times but a mystic uses this power to create consciously. Magick is the ability to shift your perception at your own will and claim your story by becoming the divine storyteller of your dream. You are the myth-maker, the dreamer of this dream and it is time now for you to remember that this is your birthright. You are the Art! You are the artist and architect of your reality! You are creator consciousness in form. 

This mentorship program is designed to activate your highest personal creative mastery, to fully step into the Art that you are and was always meant to share with the world. Throughout this personalized Sacred Art Soul Journey you will be embarking on a physical, spiritual, energetic and soul connection of deep self-discovery into the essence of your creative nature. Together we will dive deep into the language of your spirit through the sacred channel of your unique creative expression to explore and awaken the empowered states of your creative flow, channeled embodied states of mediumship, ceremonial somatic Art alchemy ritual practices through channeled drawing, movement and vocal spirit language activations as we move through various forms of deep dive guided meditation soul journeys, interpretative movement, shamanic Art therapy, creative writing, and symbolic grid-work vision quest mapping.

 What’s in store for you in your 1 on 1 Sacred Soul Art Alchemy Mentorship Journey:

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Personalized mentorship calls 
  • Ceremonial shamanic sacred Art rituals practices
  • Channeled Embodied States of Mediumship 
  • Intuitive Channeled Drawing & Writing 
  • Vocal Activation / Spirit and Light Langage Attunement 
  • Conscious Casting / cleansing Grid-Work Alchemy 
  • Somatic Art Alchemy Practices
  • Perceptual Alchemy and Alignment 
  • Continuous Casting Mantra & Mudra attunement 
  • Deep Dive Guided Meditation Journeys 
  • Inner Compass Activation 
  • Vision Quest Soul Mapping

FOLLOW YOUR ART TO RECLAIM YOUR AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION The path of your creative nature frees the playful spirit of your self-expression by tapping directly into the flow state of your passion which aligns you to the highest vibrational field of your divine purpose. Your creativity is a sacred channel to your authentic nature, trust your nature and follow your Art into the heart of your passion.


Your imagination is the key to unlock your personal symbolic psychic visions and through the signs and symbols within your creative mind, the wisdom of your inner genius speaks through the guidance of your creativity. The power within your creative mind and intuitive nature holds the intimate and sacred language of your soul. You are uniquely designed to express yourself creatively. Now, what does your art have to say? 

EMBODY THE MAGICK OF YOUR CREATIVE GIFTS By nurturing your creative expression you heal old wounds of self conscious behaviours, doubt and old stories that limit your self expression. You are creative by your very nature and as you open yourself to your creative flow you begin to uncover the hidden treasures of the true aubondent creative life force within. Open your spiritual channel and unlock the gifts of your creative nature.

I work with people that are ready to look at themselves honestly, see their thoughts and behavioral patterns, and take full creative authority to rewrite the story of their life and master the alignment of their personal alchemy to ignite their sacred creative expression and full divine channel. 

Your Art is a Vehicle for Radical Change!

There is an ocean of treasures within you awaiting you as you receive and remember your inherent gifts. If you are Ready to Follow your Art into the Mystical Nature of your Authenticity and Discover the Magick Within You That Will Transform Your Life 

Apply to work with Spirit Willow, and set up your personal discovery call to see if we are the right fit to work together